Dear Womb

Dear womb, I want to apologise for all of the tears last night. Let me explain what happened. My partner and I found ourselves in a bit of a situation. The condom broke. I feel the need to explain myself because you have a purpose and I do not want you to think that I do not have utmost respect for that purpose and your … Continue reading Dear Womb

How do I love my White parents?

“How do you love your white parents?” One of my very good friends casually dropped this question into my universe the other day. I was surprised but not offended. This question has come to me in many different forms over the, almost 28, years of my life. Often the question comes to me as a statement or a retort, “Thola! But your parents are white!” just … Continue reading How do I love my White parents?

Get off my chest!

It is almost the end of the year. 2016 has been particularly exhausting. My choice for this year was to be myself. It was a struggle but I stood steady. I have been true to myself in all spheres of myself bar one. Extended family. I see know, during the time of family, celebrations, sharing and acknowledgements that I am carrying one last challenge. I need … Continue reading Get off my chest!


I’m not the type of person to make resolutions. 1. I noticed that I was making them at a time when I was either inebriated or way too excited and distracted. Either way, I was not remembering them. 2. I was making challenges that often were unrealistic and based on some other ‘magazine-make-up-drenched’ human who was nothing like me in any way. I have learned … Continue reading 2016