Practicing Freedom.

I saw myself walking down 100 stairs, naked. A warm wind blew and my cloak billowed out behind me as far as the steps rose up. From my black hair flew multi-coloured butterflies. I was moving forward, unafraid and exposed. This vision, among many other happenings in the last few months have been the part of my journey to emancipation, self-learning and true self-love. I … Continue reading Practicing Freedom.

Whiteness and My White Mother.

I have been spending a lot of time with my mother. I have always enjoyed time with her, but lately, it feels as if our relationship is slowly removing its old skin in order to show the new, stronger, more beautiful, tougher, less chipped and element-damaged truth. We speak about anything and everything. I have learnt that when my mother is quiet she is either … Continue reading Whiteness and My White Mother.

An Honour

There are moments in life that catch you off guard in such a way that you do not know how to illustrate the emotion that comes up in response. Moments such as standing in a public toilet with a 4-year old, wiping her bum while she rests her hands on your feet and shouts at you for having ugly toes but compliments your shoes. Moments such … Continue reading An Honour

Do I Love?

I have spent a large part of my 5-year relationship asking myself if this is what I want? For a long time, I believed that the relationship that I had was exactly the way that I wanted it to be. I was happy because people perceived me and my partner as happy and ‘normal’. Even though my partner and I told each other that our … Continue reading Do I Love?