YouTube chats.

It’s Friday afternoon. I’m sitting across the table from a 12-year old chocolate drop and her best friend, also a 12-year old chocolate drop. It has been over a year that I have been working; au-pairing/ mentoring in this family. My sides hurt from laughing so hard. We have been playing truth, dare, double-dare, kiss command or torture. This game is fascinating and usually ends with … Continue reading YouTube chats.

We, who live here.

I have noticed in myself a kind of hermit-crabbing. I have watched myself retreating from the outside turbulence and the rough tides. I have listened to myself whisper quietly, words that sound like exhaustion, like a dry bark or as if my tongue were stuck to my palate. I have become a hermit-crab, creating a house out of each new situation that I find myself in. … Continue reading We, who live here.

Family Festivities

Christmas has, in our family, always been a random collection of ridiculous, but magical events that have come to be called ‘tradition’. I love Christmas in our family home. Our tradition makes Christmas a 4-7 day affair. If memory serves me correctly, it always begins with my dad refusing point blank to come on the long, often windy and dark journey (because working up until … Continue reading Family Festivities