DAD. Father.

My father is man with a tough skin and a broken heart.He comes from an era in which men were mountains and mountains never cracked, crumbled or shivered. He has always been a mountain to me, well until I grew up. As I grew, he began to shrink. As an adult, I now recognise that he is just a man, just a mortal. My father inadvertently, and … Continue reading DAD. Father.


I can only ever tell my own stories and speak from a place of my truth. I have been drowning in societal expectations. Realy drowning though. Drowning in inner discomfort and feelings of deep set fear, anxiety and helplessness. I realised halfway through last year where all of these feelings came from. I have never been one to fit, but then again who is? Who … Continue reading Exposure

Dear Womb

Dear womb, I want to apologise for all of the tears last night. Let me explain what happened. My partner and I found ourselves in a bit of a situation. The condom broke. I feel the need to explain myself because you have a purpose and I do not want you to think that I do not have utmost respect for that purpose and your … Continue reading Dear Womb

How do I love my White parents?

“How do you love your white parents?” One of my very good friends casually dropped this question into my universe the other day. I was surprised but not offended. This question has come to me in many different forms over the, almost 28, years of my life. Often the question comes to me as a statement or a retort, “Thola! But your parents are white!” just … Continue reading How do I love my White parents?