Hair treatment

“Hello, my name is Tholakele and I have only recently learned how to love and look after my hair.” Words like: tangled, difficult, uncombable, wiry and tough crept into the fabric that wove the foundations of my understanding of my hair and created ugly holes filled with frustration, confusion and ambivalence. My father used to sit me between his knees, spray water on my hair … Continue reading Hair treatment


Her voice blares through the speaker on my phone, she is laughing at me, tired and lazy-like, the way she always does when we are complaining or comparing. I’m telling her about winter and how I find myself throwing back champion amounts of red wine, chocolate and an occasional giant sized packet of Jumping Jack mature cheddar flavour popcorn. I’m explaining that I really should … Continue reading FAT

Not having sex

I’m not having sex at the moment. I haven’t been for a while actually… It’s bizarre that this is a difficult thing to say. Yet here I am writing about my sex life and many might assume that by not having sex, I would then not have a sex life. Interestingly enough, my sex life has been amazingly active. As a woman and an individual … Continue reading Not having sex


I sat with a client a while ago and heard myself describing being black: confident, loved, secure and constantly celebrating that combination, as a form of ecstasy, a post-blackness without having to have ever moved out of, through or even into what being black might, could, and does mean. I am aware that post-blackness might imply that moving out of ‘blackness’ is something that could … Continue reading Post-Blackness


It is not often that I allow myself to be surrounded by strangers that I have not invited to be strangers in my life. As a performer, I often invite strangers into my surroundings but in a very controlled way that still leaves me in control of myself and the general group.  Over the past 10-days I have been living, working and playing with complete … Continue reading Strangers