It is not often that I allow myself to be surrounded by strangers that I have not invited to be strangers in my life. As a performer, I often invite strangers into my surroundings but in a very controlled way that still leaves me in control of myself and the general group.  Over the past 10-days I have been living, working and playing with complete … Continue reading Strangers

The VAG.

I can not spend enough time talking about vagina. In my perfect world, there would be a whole university dedicated to the education of enjoying, loving, respecting and understanding your or someone else’s vagina. In this university one whole year would be spent on deconstructing the damaging, universal belief that the vagina is a ‘difficult’ part of the human body. This year would also look … Continue reading The VAG.

YouTube chats.

It’s Friday afternoon. I’m sitting across the table from a 12-year old chocolate drop and her best friend, also a 12-year old chocolate drop. It has been over a year that I have been working; au-pairing/ mentoring in this family. My sides hurt from laughing so hard. We have been playing truth, dare, double-dare, kiss command or torture. This game is fascinating and usually ends with … Continue reading YouTube chats.

We, who live here.

I have noticed in myself a kind of hermit-crabbing. I have watched myself retreating from the outside turbulence and the rough tides. I have listened to myself whisper quietly, words that sound like exhaustion, like a dry bark or as if my tongue were stuck to my palate. I have become a hermit-crab, creating a house out of each new situation that I find myself in. … Continue reading We, who live here.