I am Sex-Positive

I am a woman and I am proud to say that I am sex-positive. For individuals who are new to this term, as I was not so long ago, sex-positive simply means an individual who is positive about sex, consent, sexual education, sexual exploration, sexual pleasure and sexual health. Basically, sex-positive means don’t be a selfish, uninformed idiot.

I have been struggling with my self-education because South Africa has such a sterile, dangerously shallow and prudish view of sex and the education needed in order to enjoy it safely.

I have written before about my hate of Adult world and I will write it again. I hate Adult World. How is this place the only easily available shop where films, toys, outfits and such can be bought? Yes there are online platforms too but I’m talking about the general public. People like me. I don’t have a credit card and therefore do not and can not buy things online. Also to be honest, when it comes to sex, my vagina and pleasure I want to see, feel and know what I am paying for.

When I was in England I spent at least half of my time in underwear stores, sex stores and toy stores. The other half of my time I spent crying because I was broke and it was so fucking cold and grey. (How do people even live there?). Anyways, back to sex. These types of stores allow one to inform themselves at one’s own pace and in a way that works for you.

I believe that the best education, often, is self-education. So this brings us back to South Africa, my blog and some wonderful news that I would like to share with you. We have just been gifted with our very own, classy, educational, sexy, clean, informative sex store. The Bedroom.

The Bedroom. A large two storey store situated right in the centre of Cape Town. I learned about this treasure trove a while ago when I was asked to help a photographer friend with a boudoir shoot. She presented her images to The Bedroom and they snatched her up as their in-house intimate singles and couples photographer.

I went in to see my photograph in a sex store. Not something that I would have imagined myself doing, but Keara (photographer) takes beautiful, classy images. I went with my partner to visit The Bedroom. Bonny met us as we walked up red velvet stairs and offered us a tour.

My goodness me. My head was exploding with ideas and information. The tour ended and we spent some more time digesting what we had seen and heard, touched and felt. Yes, you get to touch and taste things. Amazing things. I liked that Bonny spoke to both of us but I noticed that mainly she spoke to me, something that does not often happen in any situations to do with sharing information with possible clients. I was impressed.

I can not lie to you. The items in the store are expensive, but what good quality item is not? Sadly I did not buy anything because right now by bank is being bled dry by my want for education. But I hope to inspire some of you to go there and spend your money. Spoil yourself, treat yourself well.

The Bedroom is a wonderful space in which to learn and see and experience all things sex-positive. It speaks to all people, welcomes all people. Soon there will be more pictures of brown me, amongst all of the blonde, white everyone else. Go and check it out. Say Thola sent you. Maybe I’ll get something for free. Or buy me something. Wink wink.


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