A week ago I posted a blog entry on my excitement and enthusiasm about using charting as a form of contraception. I thoroughly enjoyed writing the blog, as I enjoy writing all of my entries. I realised 30 seconds after publishing it that this subject was going to spark rich, impassioned conversation.
The first interaction that I had, took place on twitter, likes and follows popped up on my feed like popcorn. Then came concerns, fair ones but ones that I was not willing to answer to. I was asked to add trigger warnings, censor, or give warning of some type in connection with the content of my blog entry.
My ideas about the vagina, discharge and natural contraception methods were being celebrated and hated equally. About a day and a half after posting my own personal thoughts, for people to choose to read or ignore, to take note of or read and discard like most of the other things we read in life, my blog entry was reported and then removed from Facebook.
Facebook. A platform, supposedly, for freedom of speech and expression. An online space for all types of people to say all types of things, decided that my thoughts about vaginal discharge where too offensive, sexual and harmful. Facebook, whatever that actually means, and whoever that actually is, decided that my ideas were disturbing and inappropriate to such an extent that measures needed to be taken.
So my blog was removed. My words were ripped from my person, deleted from my profile, all of the comments and healthy, magical interactions and education torn away from me, the creator, the mother. My words and thoughts were taken, the words and thoughts of those willing to be brave enough and honest enough to share and comment were taken. There was no warning, there was just a message. I had been reported.
Someone had taken the time to read my blog, or maybe not even read it but judge it because of the image: 2 fingers with what could have been any sticky substance between them. The image represented discharge, but was it really discharge? Who knows? I don’t know, so how on earth could Facebook know?
Someone took the time to report me and Facebook took the time to send me a message informing me that I could not use my profile until such time as I had ok-ed the fact that they had deleted my post. I had no option but to ok the fact that someone somewhere had stolen my work. I pressed ok and then went to my profile and posted my blog there again.

Again, there was an incredible response to the entry. I was then blocked for 24 hours.
My issue is not with the fact that someone somewhere found my blog disturbing. Well , yes, that is an issue, but that is not the issue I am raising here. My issue here, is with the fact that Facebook removed a hopefully educational, somewhat informative, clearly interesting article that spoke freely, openly and honestly about the natural happenings of my vagina.

My issue is with the fact that Facebook removed healthy, somewhat informative content but chooses to leave racist, sexist, anti-feminist,anti-African, anti-natural imagery and text. This does not make sense to me.None of this makes sense to me. Facebook you disgust me.


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