The Structure is built on fear

As the end of the year approaches and I feel myself growing equally tired and excited. I find it more difficult to circumnavigate online spaces and more disturbingly, human faces.
I, as I am sure most are, am growing thin, my tolerance is wearing through. My heart is not as tough as it was in January.

The year,

All of the stollen lives, silent cries and promised change hidden in parliamentary files.

There is no holiday from the reality of humanity.
There is no getting away from this broken fragility.
There is only living to see this terror change.
There is only pushing to see action come about again.

The structure is built on fear.
We can not escape it,
We claimed it , called it, climbed inside and named it, US.

The structure is built on fear.
We name it government, school, suburb, country, border.
It is something invisible,
something that can not be broken or bashed down.
Something that can not be blown up or shot.
It can not be cut out, stitched closed
Or correctively – raped – out.

It is everywhere, like the air, atoms.
It changes like the wind.

My body is heavy from carrying it,
heaving it along as I try to fly.
My back is aging faster than I care to explain.
The dark soil of our existence is receiving bodies like rain,

dropping again and again and again.
The reality is,
The structure is built on fear.
Africa needs to be brave enough to build her own back.

The spine that we have been given does not fit our strong frame.

We are falling.
She must stand.
The world falls,
knee by knee
because THEY feared the unknown, deep, dark, immense sea.

The structure is built on fear.

where will you begin to fix yours?


We are all afraid of something.

Fear is humam.

Fear is at the core of Western culture in my opinion.

Fear is something you will find in all communities.

It is how you deal with it and invite it in, that tells you if it is healthy or destructive.
The fear that we are currently living in is taking out bodies like a wrecking ball takes out walls.

We as a species will fall.
We are failing, falling, flailing.

Open you eyes and switch on your mind.

Lest we too, begin the inevitable decline.


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