The sky cries for us

It is cold and wet and miserable. The sky is a reflection of my mood today, grey and overwhelming. All I want to do is curl up, eat and stay warm but somehow I find myself more stretched than I have ever been in my life. I was asked the other day, by a friend who I had not seen in a while, what I was doing for work. I counted 5 different jobs. These exclude the production that I am rehearsing for and the one that I am currently creating.

During the summer months the sun cradles my heart and warms my smile. Pushing hard to pay the bills is something that I can enjoy. I work and play and feed myself sunshine and ocean breeze and sculpt my non-existent six-pack with pollen sneezes. It is easier when the theme song to my life is summer. Now that the rain has come so comes my selfishness and feelings of entitlement. It is harder to keep the dark thoughts away. I fall prey to  the faulted system that feeds me. ‘I don’t want to work, but I want you to pay.’  The slogan of so many today.

At what point during your education were you taught to fight? In what lesson did your teacher tell you that life would give you everything you needed, if you pushed with everything you had, to get to it? Were your school assemblies filled with motivational talks about men and women who did things differently? Who did things the long way around? Who accepted that success was never something to be expected? No? Mine neither. My place of  education was incredible but it too was and is bound to a system. This system is breaking us down.

I am temperamental and overly dramatic. I complain because I can and because it often makes me feel better. Many South African people, many people,  do not have the time or chance to complain, question and learn,  so instead, they fail. We are taught to follow, fall behind a leader, fit into the machine and grind and grind and grind. Those of us who choose to lead, and start and run and jump and climb are doing so blind. It takes a highly educated person to make the choice to deviate from the system that they have been taught to follow, or maybe a fool. Who knows?

I will never claim to be educated and I can not say that I am a fool but the one truth that I can give you is that our education system, the South African education system is not aiding us in our climb out of the hole that we were left in. We are climbing as individuals when we should be climbing as a team. Education should bind us, education should build us and yet we are  separated and crumbling. There are many among us who are goalless and dreamless because they were never taught to reach, never taught to dream. In my opinion a soul without a dream is a corpse.

When will we realise that banding together to rectify the bigger things will allow for the smaller things too to begin their own change. In my opinion eduction is gold. Education is breath, education is life. Why are we not fighting harder to create a system that encourages life truly works for us.

Sadly those of us who can are,  South Africans like me, quick to complain, point blame and let the rain wash away dreams of possibility. The storm is coming, don’t ride it, be it. Make the change a reality.


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