To My Father

To him, I will always be his first child, his precious baby girl, his daughter, a woman that he helped create. To me, he will always be the man who brushed away all of my little girl fears and taught me to face the world head on, as a woman, stong and self-assured.

To You, Society, the World, you see an old, over weight, white man, talking intimately , laughing with and holding a young, attractive, black woman. You see a white man owning and paying for a young, black woman. Maybe an escort, maybe a run away, maybe an arranged marriage between a corrupt chief or maybe a prostitute. Normally you decide to settle on prostitue but you always leave out, maybe it is a father with his daughter. No, I could NEVER be his daughter.

This is my battle, my war with the world, my war with you. And I’m loosing because you choose to see only what you recognise.

To my father, I am so sorry that society made our time so difficult.


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