A Monster’s Paradise

It is said that this is a man’s world. We sing about it, we write about it, we talk and tell jokes about it. This is a man’s world, no place for the faint hearted or weak. And yet look at the men in this place. They are often lost and unsure while at the same time feeling pressures from society to own this land, own these riches, find, take care of and own that woman. This is a man’s world only because we are taught that there are no such things as MONSTERS.

Real men are failing dismally at being the man who owns. Real men are failing and fighting and falling. Real men, are trying so hard to fit into a space on a page, in a book, on a screen, yet they never quite manage because not  much in the world is truly real any more. All of the guidelines, directions and instructions are blurred and torn and soiled. We are confused without knowing so. We are faulted but do not recognise the faults.

When a boy is young he is told to look after a girl, to never hurt a girl, to listen to a girl. He is told to be brave, be stong, be successful. He is shown love and support to a point and then he grows and is expected to fill the too big, too heavy, too old shoes of a creature that has not evolved and has never been seen. He is told to become this thing, this power, this love, this everything-all-the-time inexhaustible hero. Who does he follow if no man has ever managed to become this thing, this perfection? So he follows no one because he is grown and the world, he is told, belongs to him, and he is strong and he has these muscles and wants and dreams and he becomes lost in a world of things promised to him that he can not have, so he learns to take them.

Women, we are taught to be the best that we can be and that our best is more than good enough. We are pressured, yes, but less and less as we evolve. We are the lucky sex. We have others who have gone before us, radiant in their flaws and mistakes, glowing in their shapes and shades. We are leaps and bounds ahead of the opposite sex yet they break us because we have not yet learnt that our sons and fathers and brothers need just as much as our sisters. We are feeding a monster with no face. We are nurturing a gaping flesh wound with our own razor-sharp fingers.

This is a monster’s world and we live in it hoping to tame the beast but unable to acknowledge that men are people too. Clean out the monsters. Lets mak this world ours.


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