I am Thola Antamu

My name paved a path for me long before I knew how to place one foot bravely in front of the other

Tholakele Antamu Catherine van Speyk Hulbert.  My name tells a story of she who found power and prestige by conquering the highest peak of the oldest mountian.

I was born in a place far from here, in a land that I have never been back to.

I was given to a man and a woman who would not have me and could not keep me.

I was left with all the love that they had to give, under a tree staring up at the clear blue sky.

I was found and loved by a mother and father who could not have birthed me.

They love me fiercely,  raised me bravely and educated me wisely

Now here I am, a woman, waiting for the world to do for others what it has done for me.

While I wait, I’ll write and create and play and maybe my words will ring tue or anger you, and maybe I’ll be the truth that slowly has become taboo. Either way, I am going to keep moving forward for my path runs far ahead . Come and join me. I am she,



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