Hair Therapy

In my Xero accounting program, I have a code for mental health expenses. This allows me to keep a record of how much money I spend on supporting my mental stability and personal wellbeing. Since the beginning of the year, and maybe even since life began for me, I have spent very little money on ensuring that I have a healthy inflow of support for … Continue reading Hair Therapy


There are so many things that we do not speak about. I find myself feeling estranged from people who only talk about what we are ‘allowed’ to talk about. I suppose we have been conditioned to know what is acceptable and what is not. Who decided? When was this decision made? Why was I not invited to the discussion? I was offered an amazing challenge the other … Continue reading Bumholes.


I sat on a warm iron chair, designed for humans with smaller frames than mine. The horizontal strips of metal pressed into my dripping legs as gravity called the swimming pool water and it fell to meet the ground below me. I was watching her in the water. It was warm and she was happy. The image of her reminded me of my mother – … Continue reading Water